The fate of the Cannibal Priests


I’m still working on the last story for The Atlas of Hell, called “The Feast”. It’s a reworking and a completion of “The Cannibal Priests of New England”, an experiment with writing a serialized story on this blog a few years ago. (Those of you who remember that will finally have your patience rewarded.) Right now it’s shaping up to be the longest story in the book. It functions as a companion piece to “The Atlas of Hell”, and features the Black Iron Monks, The Candlelight Society, carrion angels, and a pirate ship sailing to a port city in Hell. It should be a good time.

TOC for the book, as it stands at the moment (not the order they’ll be appearing): The Atlas of Hell, The Diabolist, The Giant in Repose, The Visible Filth, Skullpocket, Spider Kings of the Moon, and The Feast.

(Art above by Alexander Jannson)


3 thoughts on “The fate of the Cannibal Priests

  1. Henry

    ‘The Atlas of Hell’ might actually be my favourite short story of all time, and I read a lot.
    The descriptions of both objects and people returning from Hell were mesmerising.
    I hope to see this new collection available soon – I will check back regularly.

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