Sometimes they come back

I went to Clarion way back in 1992. It was a great class. Jeff VanderMeer, Cory Doctorow, Dale Bailey, Felicity Savage.


And Pam Noles. She was dynamic, crazy smart, opinionated, funny, and beautiful. I was struck. I think a few of us were.

A couple years after Clarion she came to visit me in New Orleans and something happened. I was on fire. And then time and distance and a variety of other factors did their ugly work and we fell out of each other’s lives. But I never stopped thinking about her. Never stopped keeping track.

And now, after a fluke exchange, and a buckle in the wind, here she is again. Suddenly and miraculously. And just in time.

Taken by Kathleen Ann Goonan last weekend. Ignore that creature shining palely in the sunlight. Look at the woman instead.

14 thoughts on “Sometimes they come back

      1. Livia Llewellyn

        And I just want to say – the picture is of a couple. To ignore the “pale creature” would mean ignoring the picture altogether. You can’t see the woman without seeing the man, and vice versa. Because it’s not two halves of something: it’s whole.

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