! Death 40-Feet Tall !

Update: Success!

This is Pam Noles. And this is a piece called, “All I Wanted For Christmas Was a Millennium Falcon,” recorded live last year at the Hollywood Fringe Festival recorded at Rant ‘n Rave in February of this year (whoops!). Take a moment to check it out.

This year she’s trying to stage a bigger piece, called “! Death 40-Feet Tall !”, about two best friends and their quest to get cast as extras in Michael Bay’s Transformers (don’t let that dissuade you; this is not about Transformers!). She’s looking for backing through Kickstarter.

I don’t usually put links like this on the blog because, well, one: they’re kind of like commercials; and two: they’re not what this blog is about. But sometimes — as with Jeff VanderMeer’s Leviathan project — the cause is really worth it.

Why is this worth it?

A number of reasons. One, Pam is wildly talented. Her work is often both funny and heartbreaking, and it’s invested with a fierce ethical drive. This is something that will be a joy to see. Of that I have absolutely no doubt. Two, Pam is one of the hardest workers I know, and that deserves to be rewarded. Sometimes hard work needs that extra little push, though. I want to see this bear fruit because she busts her ass and she deserves it. And third, Pam is what people mean when they say “one of the good guys.” She went from being a crime reporter in Tampa to working at the ACLU in Los Angeles, putting a great deal of time and energy into fighting for the rights of people who don’t often get an advocate. She runs the blog And We Shall March, which anybody would do well to add to their blogroll. This woman walks the walk.

A few years ago she wrote “Shame,” an essay about her very personal reaction to the whitewashing of Ursula K. LeGuin’s Earthsea trilogy by the SciFi Channel. I wrote about it here.

There are only a few more days left, and she’s not the far from her goal. If you already know her, or know of her, then you know this is worth a few dollars. If you don’t, then trust me. This is the right thing. I wouldn’t post this here if I didn’t truly believe in it.

Go be a part of something good.


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