The vampire videos

Last year all the contributors to Teeth, the upcoming vampire anthology, were asked to answer two questions and record them for this promotional video. Here they are.

First question: would you want to be a vampire for a month? As usual, Jeff Ford steals the show. “If I could be a vampire of sandwiches, that would be cool.”

Second question: What attribute of a vampire would you most like to have? Holly Black: “Eternal hotness.” Well, yeah!

The book is out in April.



4 thoughts on “The vampire videos

  1. How cool! I think my favorite part is how it keeps cutting back to Neil Gaiman waffling over the question of whether he’d like to be a vampire for a month. And the part where Garth Nix says he wants to be a bat. I’d be totally on board with being able to turn into a bat. (Or a wolf. Or smoke.)

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